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      It is our prime focus at ABHIYANT to build fixtures with minimum or no service issues. However, in case a situation arises, ABHIYANT provides best-in-class service support to its customers. Detailed root cause analysis is for serious issues by the customer support group with the engineering team of ABHIYANT. Suitable corrective and preventive actions are taken to avoid recurrence or occurrence of the problem on any of the fixtures. ABHIYANT has several major initiatives in place to respond to your needs in a timely manner with highly trained service engineers and in-stock parts. Trained and experienced specialists support end users and machine manufactures with consulting services for energy efficiency and machine safety. Customers of  ABHIYANT fixtures have always had the benefit of quite a special service. Programming, operating and maintenance training as well as on-site production support.

We have Supplied Customized Fixtures for the components of the following


Cylinder blocks, Turbine Housing, Steering Knuckle, Intake & Exhaust manifold, Crank shaft, Crank case cover, Cam shaft, Cam housing, Throttle housing, Connecting Rod, Common rail, Brake caliper, Steering arm, Anchor, Pinion housing, VE Pump Housing, Fly weight, Module valve, Governor cover, Worm Housing, Cylinder head cover and Alternator cover.